Lowry To Raptors Looks Close To Done.

ESPN is reporting that the Rockets and Raptors are on the verge of deal for Kyle Lowry. The deal would involve the Raptors pick next season. There are some conditions and details to work out but for all of you that didn't want Nash and wanted this guy all a long it would appear you are on the verge of getting him. Will have more on this later in the day if things get all finalized and worked out.

Breaking (2:48 PM) - Gary Forbes is also said to be in this deal and the Rockets are saying that some how they are "Guaranteed" a lottery pick. Them believing the Raptors will suck is not what they are talking about one would assume. That is the part up in the air about what this first round pick ends up being and when. But seems they have a deal done. Just a bit foggy on the details. 

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