Nash Watch 4.3- The Dream Is On Life Support

It would appear the Knicks have worked out a S&T that would see them land Steve Nash. It is not officially done but everyone that you could think of in terms of main basketball beat writers is reporting it. So it would appear that the Raptors dream is now about to die. It also leaves questions as to if Steve Nash ever truly wanted to come here in the first place? Was this just being kind to a former boss who represents the team in your country? I don't know if we ever will get that answer. I think a book on the last four days would be really interesting to ready in 10 years.

So the Raptors are all but certainly moving on to plan B with a Landry Fields 20 million dollar contract as a symbol of their failed plan A. While most Raptor fans may need a day, a week or a life time to recover from this, the Raptors are not afforded that luxury. They need to have a Plan B and execute it. This all knowing that they will have plenty to answer for about their failed plan A. Yes the Raptors tried and did all they could to get Nash but in the end NBA Free Agency unlike the Olympics only hands out Gold Medals. There is one winner and the rest are losers. Ask the Dallas Mavericks about that who had their plans of Deron Williams coming all smashed to hell around them yesterday.

On top of missing out on Nash he will be in the Division and improve the Knicks. The Nets now look like a legit playoff contender and Boston has found a way to re-tool their aging roster. The Raptors have fallen WAY BEHIND by standing in place to this point for the most part. This team promised fans playoffs next season and I would love to see how they plan on delivering on that now given all that has happened around them and to them.

Not to mention this only increases the thought that the Raptors can not attract true top level free agents to come to Toronto. If Steve Nash won't come, then honestly who is ever going to come? Chris Paul sure is not considering taking his talents North of the border next year. That is the problem that has plagued this franchise. It has been the frustration of Colangelo's entire run here in Toronto. People will bash B.C all to hell but this is ultimately a smart guy and if he can't solve the puzzle honestly who can? Canada is not becoming the 51st state to celebrate July the 4th this year or any year in the future. Yes people say if you win they will come. But it has been for years of losing and how exactly can you win if they don't come? Sure you can draft guys but not every draft pick is going to be a home run. This started about Steve Nash but it ends with Raptor fans heartbroken and asking the same questions they have for like 17 years. Is anyone every going come to Toronto and stay. I wrote about hope being back in the building for the Raptors a while back. Hope has deflated like a balloon with a giant hole in it. 

Steve Nash did not come in the Hollywood Story on July 1st to come back to Canada. He instead looks like to remain in the U.S on the July the 4th holiday. Not the movie Canadians wanted to see.

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