Raptors Still Searching For A Win In Vegas.

So this game was not as easy to find with no Live T.V feed. So in being honest this re-cap might be a little less than I have done for first 2 with having to watch online. Will do our best though as the Raptors do their best to get a win. They will have to do it without Quincy Acy who signed a contract earlier today as you might have read here. The Raptors also said good bye to the Ninja James Johnson sending him to Sacramento for a future 2nd round pick as you also might have read here. Raptors take on the Mavs who have been in recovery mode after missing out on D-Will than Nash and No Scola either. Mark Cuban dreams of Chris Paul and D-12 next year perhaps. So maybe some of these guys on Mavs roster can earn a job as Cuban looks to wait till next year. Raptors could not score to save their lives yesterday. Lots of turnovers as well. It just was a typical ugly Summer League affair. Even Ross who impressed in Game one only had 14 on 4-14 shooting. So let's see how it goes today shall we.

The Game:

Sam Mitchell on call again and again is calling out Ed Davis. Davis did do well yesterday with 15 points and 12 rebounds but 4 turnovers. After giving up first basket the Raptors took a 6-2 lead in early going Ross opening the scoring for Toronto. Ed Davis was able to impress Sam with a move to hoop for two. Ross made a nice jumper with no hesitation and sticks it as Raps lead 10-6. Raptors have led most of the way and Bobby Brown not shy to shoot does from the corner for 3. He Davis dropped a dime not kidding at all and Raptors lead 19-13. Raptors take a nap and allow the Mavs to tie this game up at 19 late in the first. Raptors gave up 11 straight before Joesph was able to make two at the line with 1.9 seconds left in first. That would be last scoring of quarter and Mavs lead 24-21 after one.

It has been a pattern for Raptors they have started and closed quarters pretty badly. That continues today as Mavs are in midst of a 15-2 run that started at end of 1st. Turnovers costing Raptors and the lead for Mavs increases to 11. Ross on other end hits a three to bring it back to single digits. Weems a turnaround air ball will not help. That is Kyle not Sonny and no they are not related. Mavs re-establish a 11 point advantage with an easy score on the break it is 41-30 Mavs with a time out on the floor with 4:19 to play in the half. Ed Davis with ugly miss in paint but got his own rebound. Raptors labouring on offense again down 12 to Mavericks. Make it stop please? Mavericks lead 48-30 as Raps have been stuck on 30 for like ever. They still are at the half with score 50-30. Mavs end quarter on 13-0 run.

Ben Uzoh at 9:11 of the 3rd finally gets Raps on board with first of two free throws but misses the 2nd. Raptors have not had a field goal in so long some Vegas Shows opened and closed before the last time they scored one. Ed Davis finally makes a shot after he missed one earlier in the possession and Raptors have a FG. Ross would make the wait for the next one a lot shorter with a score on the drive. Still down 20 though with the score 55-35 Mavs. Raptors put together their own 9-0 run but they were still miles behind with score 55-40. Raptors had found a way to score once in awhile but defense was still a riddle yet to be solved with Mavs leading 67-52. Bobby Brown came in late in 3rd to ring up 6 points as he was still shooting.

Will keep the comments to minimum in the 4th quarter. Just because I am in a haze of Summer League awful. If Raptors get this to single digits I will change my mind. Bobby Brown his heating up though as he nails a three to make it 12 point game. Brown has 11 of Raptors last 13 and 14 overall. This is in part because he is making shots and in part because he rarely passes. Ross forces a three doing his best Bobby Brown impression but not as successful with the air ball. Raptors still down big 72-58. Raptors still down a dozen with 3:40 to play. Bobby Brown and Ed Davis share lead in team high  scorer with 17 each. Also as much as I have joked about it Brown has 4 assists I don't remember any of them but that is what stat sheet says. Ed Davis with a deep jumper for two and he hits 20 points on the game Raptors still down 11 though and time is running short with 2 and change to play. Mavs step on gas pedal a little and lead is back to 15 with under 2 minutes to play. Good Night Vegas make sure to tip your waitress as this game is done. Dallas takes it 85-75 and Raptors fall to 0-3 in Summer League action. 

Things Of Note: 

Raptor Offense continues to struggle. Shooting 36.7% at half.
D not exactly much better giving up 50 in a 20 minute first half.
Nice games for Ed Davis and Bobby Brown.
Raptors cleaned up turnovers in 2nd half

Heading To Nate Robinson Summer League Hall of Fame:

Ed Davis  23 points 9-14 with 7 Rebounds and just 2 turnovers

Heading To NBDL:

Kyle "Don't Call Me Sonny" Weems 4 points (2-10) 0-4 from 3

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