Offensively Challenged Raptors Can't Take The Heat

So after a day off the Raptors get set for a Summer League back to back facing the Miami Heat today with another game set for tomorrow. In game number one the Raptors looked good through 3 quarters of play. Terrance Ross gave Raptor fans a taste of all he can do. Made some threes had a couple slams and led the team with 21 points. Ed Davis also looked pretty good, not perfect but showed some signs he has got a little stronger and had one brief stretch where he looked dominant. Bobby Brown was chucking up shots and making some while Ben Uzoh had a solid nothing flashy performance. Ultimately one of these two guys should be getting an invite to camp if they earn it. This is regardless of what becomes of Jose Calderon situation. Raptors other rookie Quincy Acy was kind of all over the place and was getting his feet wet on the this next level. Heat likely don't have same amount of talent the Rockets do in terms of players under contract so it should make for an easier opponent for the Raptors. Also in case you missed it Landry Fields is officially coming to town as we told you last night in the DNB. So let's go and get this Summer League extravaganza under way.

The Game:

We have something interesting before we even start as former Raptor Head Coach Sam Mitchell is on the call for NBA-TV. That might be most entertaining part of this game based on the start and it took till the 8:13 mark for Norris Cole to split a pair at the line and register first point of game for the Heat. Oh and by the way Chris Bosh in the house to watch because he is lonely and needs attention.  Ross finally gets Raptors on the board at the 6:36 mark and it was only 3-2 Heat this is not going in the Summer League instant classic vault. Eventually this game would develop a pulse and Ed Davis with a nice score to get Raptors with in two down 8-6 more than half way through the 10 minute first quarter. Raptors defense has been better or the level of competition is not as high I will leave that for you to judge. Raptors added a player to roster for Summer League? Kyle Weems and I confirmed he is not related to Sonny. If your wondering why not much is being said about the game, it is 12-11 Raptors with just 1:44 to play. Summer League yucky at it's finest. Heat went on a 7-0 run to close the first quarter.

Chris Bosh joins commentary to start 2nd quarter. Reason see above and also to stick it to Toronto that he won a title. While Chris Bosh tells us about his so fabulous life Heat continue the run to 11-0 carrying on from end of the first. Chris Bosh is still flapping his gums and the Raptors finally scored a basket. Chris Bosh is finally leaving maybe someone will talk about the game, including me? Heat lead 25-15 in the game by the way. Ross about the only bright spot for Raptors so far as he splits a pair at the line and has 10 of the Raptors 19 point with 4:46 to play. Raptors creeping back in this game and Ed Davis helping out with a bucket to make it 27-21. Sam Mitchell says the Raptors have a lot of young talent they just need to step up. So I guess Sam is sleeping on Ed Davis too. Quincy Acy has some good luck after a slow start making a shot as he hits the deck to get the Raptors to within two as Heat lead 27-25. This came finally got to halftime with the Raptors shooting bricks and yet some how only down 2 points with score 31-29 at the half.

Despite my protests they will play a second half in this game. Raptors continued to be scoring challenged as the Heat get the early jump and score the first 7 points of the half. Ed Davis heads to the line with with a chance to get Raptors on board in 2nd half after being scoreless for the first 2:31 of quarter. He would make both and score was 38-31 for Miami. Raptors could barely buy a FG in this game but find themselves down 43-37 with under 4 to play in 3rd. We also still had Sam Mitchell for some laughs too. Rafael Araujo once had 14 fouls in a Summer League game when I coached. Ah the memories of Summer Leagues past. Ed Davis was taking advantage of all these missed shots with 10 rebounds to go with 13 points. Acy after a slow start gets a basket to pull the Raptors within two with score 43-41 for Miami. Raptor kept chipping away and had their first lead in a long time with score 44-43 Raptors with under a minute to play in 3rd. Heat would respond though and get a nice dunk from some guy you will never here from again. He would be fouled which was a theme in this game teams had combined for 48 fouls to this point. No idea what Summer League Record is for fouls by two teams in a game. Terrible close out to 3rd for Toronto and they trail 50-44 heading to the 4th with 10 minutes left to play.

Quincy Acy is a bitter awkward on offense but effective as he gets in the paint and scores with an unusual looking little hook in the lane. In this game if it goes in it is good though. Heat would again make some distance and take a 57-48 lead. Quincy Acy took a spill as he was attempting to challenge a shot. He got a foul and fell hard on his back and hit the wood. But in true Reggie Evans like fashion he got back to his feet. Raptors decided to use discretion and sub him out of the game.  Again like in game one for the Raptors they were looking awful in the 4th quarter as Heat have built up a 67-50 lead with about 5 minutes to play. Barring some kind of comeback there is not much to say about this one. Raptors make it look a little more respectable for those who only check the final score. Heat take it 71-59. Ross followed his 21 point performance with 14 points and just 4-14 from the field.

 Things Of Note:

Both teams shot under 30% in First Quarter (Summer League is AWESOME) 
Raptors "SUPPOSED" SUPER FAN hanging with Chris Bosh:

Raptors shooting 28.6% at half. Heat 22.9% (Bricks For Sale Bricks For Sale)
Both point guards having issues in this one bad shooting aside.
Fouls were plentiful in this one. 
Acy leaves game in 4th after hard fall on his back.

Heading to Nate Robinson Summer League Hall of Fame:

Ed Davis 15 points 12 rebounds ( 4 Turnovers- Not so Hot )

Heading to NBDL:

Ben Uzoh  0 points 0 assists  2 rebounds and 5 turnovers 

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