Round Ball Review Returns

It has been awhile since we heard from J.B and Joey G. But they are back and as you will see not much has changed. They talk about the Raptors off-season so far and Joey G has a suggestion for who the Raptors should go out and acquire. He also makes an announcement of sorts. It is the fun and comedy that you have come to love or hate by this point. We hope it is love though.

That is it for another episode of the Round Ball Review. The reality is with all the news of late and adding folks to the staff here the guys have been out of action for awhile. However, they will always be around as I enjoy producing them and coming up with new ideas for them. They will always be a part of what we do here at the DNB. If for no other reason than Raptor fans always need some humour to help them get by.

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