Nash Watch 4.2

So when last we left you the Lakers were taken out by Suns more or less who refuse to make a S&T with their Division Rivals. But they have no problem giving Eric Gordon a max money offer sheet. You go crazy Suns. Yesterday it was believe the Raptors killed the Knicks and took them out of the game. But today the Knicks are still trying to worm their way back into the game. If you believe New York Reports Nash's first choice is them. People in New York never lie in the media ever so why wouldn't we right? They also never over react much. Anyway the sticking point seems to be Iman Shumpert who would need to be part of a package to the Suns. Which the Knicks are not sure they want to do. While they think that over Jeremy Lin has been signed to a poison pill contract by the Houston Rockets for around 30 Million. Seems not only Toronto doesn't have an issue with screwing over the Knicks. Anyway they will likely match on that offer unlike the Raptors one for Fields. The Knicks have told Jason Kidd that if they fail to get Nash he would be next in line. Which is also one of the targets of his former club Dallas.

But as hours turn to days you have to wonder if ultimately Steve Nash wants to come here? If he doesn't and ultimately does for lack of a better option would you be cool with that. Some will say yes and not care. Others may wonder if it is ultimately the best thing for Nash and for us if this is the case. Michael Grange wrote an excellent piece that sums up this whole saga quite nicely. I would encourage you to click on it and check it out. If you could date the hottest coolest guy or girl and no that they really didn't love you would that matter to you? That is pretty much the feeling Nash Watch has.

If this all falls apart what will it say about the Organization that clearly went all guns a blazing after Steve Nash and failed. If he turned his back on us really how can we ever believe a significant player will EVER choose Toronto? That goes back to the ultimate problem that has plagued this franchise from the very start. The lack of ability to sign American Players. Now add Canadian Players that are not past their prime to the list as well. It just becomes one big ugly mess and a PR disaster for the Raptors to deal with. Not a very happy ending if it turns out that way. If Nash does come though he will put on a smile and tell us we were always the one. Can we really believe him after all of this? I am willing to pretend and hope for the best. 

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