Raptors Rewind Delayed By Curling!!!

This is the final insult. TSN has really done it now. I mean the TSN 2 mess was bad enough but the to have the Raptors delayed for Curling? I mean give me a break. I mean what the hell is going on. I am personally insulted and I have had enough of this nonsense. This season has been painful enough. To have TSN screwing the Raptors at every turn is not helping matters. I know the old T.V explanation for this so I won't waste the E-mail to TSN to complain. Here is what they will say to you if you decide to complain.

It is our policy at TSN to stick with live events until they reach their conclusion. We are sorry that you were inconvenienced by this and thanks for you concern.

That is a basically the response I got two New Year's Eves ago when TSN did the same thing in favour of a stupid bowl game that I can not remember the name of. I am tired of being insulted as a basketball fan by this network. MLSE, David Stern or somebody please do something to make it clear to this network if they wish to remain a broadcaster of the NBA they need to show the sport the respect it is owed. I am tired of this nonsense. I feel bad for the people that work hard on Raptor broadcast it is not their fault. So I tell you what there is an e-mail over on the right. If anyone at TSN that is behind all of this cares to explain, why you have insulted basketball fans the way you have, feel free to e-mail. I can not promise you it will be an experience you will enjoy. However an explanation, in fact forget that, try an apology to all basketball fans is required from you.

This is beyond insulting and it is reaching the point of total disrespect. Fans are the innocent victims of all this, stupid suits that only look at ratings books. If you do not do your part to promote the sport and the programming what do you expect. Why bother pretending you give a damn about basketball. It is clear the people making the choices do not. Crystal Clear!!! These are just my personal thoughts but I can bet that you will find in comment boards and blogs all over the Internet what folks think about you. I can assure you they do not keep the language to a broadcast level. If you feel the same leave a comment and share your TSN love with the world.

Meanwhile the game is on finally and the T-Wolves are putting it to the Raps. This has been a season to forget but thanks to TSN you will have less evidence to remember it. Some how I am not grateful of that fact.


  1. Someone forgot to give TSN the message that this team has global star Chris Bosh. They better switch it off curling soon so that we can watch him make elbow jumpers at a 45% clip. I think the key for the raps tonight is to get behind early while they are at home…47-31-like…and have talented Timberwolf Brian Cardinal go off on our former Olympian for points in the paint. This way, the fan base doesn’t start putting too much stock in Sunday’s win and start talking playoffs again.

  2. You are in the media. I'm sure you know that curling draws more viewers than Raptors basketball. There is no denying that fact.

  3. dude, i'm right with you on this one. what makes it worse is that it was womens curling...

  4. agree 100% with you dinonation

  5. Hey like Trish Status said, "Curling is a team sport played by two teams of four players each on a rectangular sheet of carefully prepared ice."

    Thanks TSN

    P.S. looking 4 support 4 a proposal 4 a Nobel Prize 4 CB4's jumper.

  6. Maybe we need to recruit Trish to work on Raptors Broadcasts. She might give a bump to the ratings.

  7. I think tsn should be more careful in scheduling raptors games. Having said that I'm a huge curling fan and curling was delayed because of overtime hockey one night. So maybe tsn should leave enought time inbetween?
    Just an idea.

  8. Scheduling sports is a challenge don't get me wrong they tend to slot about 2:30 for basketball and they have a standard time they allow for all sports.